Daily Qurbana -
Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri at 7:00 PM
Thur 8:30 AM & Sat 9 AM
Every Sundays :-
Malayalam Mass @ 9:30 AM
English Mass @ 11:15 AM
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Catechetical Pledge

In the name of God / I, the catechism student / pledge myself / to be faithful to my call / towards universal brotherhood / and Christian holiness. I love my Church. I am proud of / its rich and varied spiritual heritage. I pledge myself / to abide by the teachings of the Church. I shall attend / the catechism classes regularly. I pledge to respect and honor / the Pope, Major Archbishop / Archbishop / the parish priest / teachers / and my parents. Lord Jesus, bless all of us.

Our Staff


Our CCD Program is headed by Sajan Mathew. He has a very versatile staff under him, dedicated towards excellent education and extreme care of our students. We at Syro Malabar Arizona, believe in investing a lot in our children (our future) and want to be a integral part of their spiritual upbringing. Know more about our teachers visit here

Academic Year


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We have classes from Kindergarten to 12th  grade. There is also a youth program those who completed 12th grade.

Catechetical Assembly


There is an assembly at 9:30 am every Sunday. It consists of a prayer song, Catechism Pledge and announcements.



Duration of catechism is from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Kids who are late by 15 minutes is considered tardy. Four tardies considered as one absent. There will be prize for perfect attendance.

Prizes And Awards


Each grade has first and second prize for those excel in academic performance.

Academic Excellence Prizes (1st and 2nd) will be awarded only if the  score is 70% or above.

All children who score 90% or above in classes 1-4 will be given special prizes.

Academic Excellence grades are based on the following criteria

Marks: Exams- 70%, Assignments- 20%, Church and class participation - 10%

There will be two assignments.

Church and Class participation grades will be recorded every Sunday  based on following criteria . For bringing Text book- 2 marks, 

Mass book- 2 marks, Holy Bible-2marks

Following directions of teacher during class-2 marks  

Participation in Mass- 2 marks( All Children who participate in the Holy Mass will get this grade.This is to discourage kids’ skipping Holy Mass.)

There is prizes for those who have 100% attendance.


Scholarship : There will be cash award for 1st prize in all grades.

4th Sunday activities


On every 4th Sunday kids have the following organizational activities as part of catechism. In these groups kids learn songs, prayers, charitable activities and develop leadership skills.



Christeen is a Catholic Charismatic movement for children of all ages. At Christeen we try to see life from a child's point of view. Here we see life as a journey the child undertakes from the moment of conception. The beauty of a creation is its innate connection with the Creator...more



Thirubalasakyam or Holy Childhood is an association of children who have not received First Holy Communion. It is an organization set up to mould the religious life of the growing children and instills wisdom and Christian values in them so that they grow up as valuable for .. more

Cherupushpa Mission League


The Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) is an organization which fosters and promotes the missionary mentality of God’s children. CML was formed in churches all over Kerala to pay tribute to Saint Therese of Lisieux, a Doctor of the Church. Saint Therese, also known as ... more

Second Reading


On every Sunday second reading is done by CCD Kids. Kids who are in 5 th grade and up can sign up.

Bible Project


Every year we have Bible project for kids through which  they learn Bible verses , Prayers  and basic teachings of Catholic Church.They will be provided a packet every month worth 20 points. For each point they can earn CCD Dollars which they can use at CCD Gift store to buy special gifts.


Bible Quiz


There will be a written Bible Quiz Competition for all kids from 2nd grade and above.

The topic for study : The Acts of the Apostles


Kids Choir


We have formed a Kids Choir for English Holy Mass. Special training is given to them.


Charitable Activites


There will be special days scheduled for our CCD throughout the year for volunteering at St.Mary's Food Bank and Andre House . Parents and Kids can participate according to their convenience in these voluntary activities.


Cloth Drive : Cloth drive is conducted in October. All donations are given to St.Vincent De Paul society.

Toiletry Drive : It is conducted in February for collecting toiletry items. All donations are given to Homeless.


First Holy Communion Classes


Comprehensive Year long training is given to kids preparing for First Holy communion and Confirmation classes.


Question Box


There will be times in everybody's  life when question arise about faith. We have placed a question box in the church hall to place questions regarding faith for parents and children. We have formed a resource team to answer these question. They refer to Bible and church documents to answer questions.


All Saints Day


All children get an opportunity to dress up like their favorite saint. They learn about that saint and present  a summary of that saint's life  in the meeting.


CCD Magazine


It is to promote and exhibit the creative works of Children and parents. They can write articles,draw pictures, do paintings etc.


CCD Library


We have about 700 books and videos in our CCD Library including Bible stories, Bible study, Catholic teachings, Saint Biographies,

Parenting , Personality and character Formation, Guidance for Teenagers, Problem solving for adults etc. All members of the Parish are welcome to check out books and videos. The library is open every Sunday. Our Library is conducting many programs to promote Christian and value based reading.


1. All children gets points when they read a book, or watch a DVD and return with a hand written summary. If a parent does the same their children get points. This is to improve catholic parenting.


2. When they complete a paper and pen activity which we provide, like puzzle sheet, earn points.


3. Also they can earn points by presenting any handwritten article related to Christianity. We may post that in our library for other kids.


4. Every 100 points children will be rewarded and at the end of the year the top scorers will get special awards.


5. There will be catholic publications and free leaflets.


Talent Show


Every Year we conduct a Talent show to provide opportunity for our children to express their individual talents.


Items: Song, Speech, Instrument Music, Essay writing, Story writing, Story Telling(KG),Pencil Drawing, Single Dance, Fancy dress, Bible Reading, Mono Act (One child can participate only 3 items.)


Kids Alter Service


Kids who received Holy Communion can sign up for Alter Service. Special formation is provided.


Sports and Games


There are annual sports  and prizes will be given to winners.


May Crowning


It is a special day devoted to honor Holy Mary.There will be a special procession, prayers, songs and offerings by children.


Annual Day celebrations


There will be Annual Day celebrations at the end of the year in May. All children are divided in to groups .Each group will present a program on stage.


Teacher Training


Special classes and discussions are conducted to teachers to grow in faith. Church documents ,various publications and video presentations are given to teachers for this.


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