Daily Qurbana -
Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri at 7:00 PM
Thur 8:30 AM & Sat 9 AM
Every Sundays :-
Malayalam Mass @ 9:30 AM
English Mass @ 11:15 AM

The Marian Mother’s Group is a fellowship of the mother’s of the parish recognizing Mother Mary as the model of our faith, family and community life. This group has been vibrant in our Church since its inception in 2006 providing support to our church’s spiritual, cultural, social and organizational activities. The members of the Marian Mothers Group are primarily all the mothers of the parish and currently no formal enrollment is required.


~ Mission ~
Our mission is to grow and share a caring, supporting and encouraging fellowship of mothers by nurturing body, mind, and spirit through friendship, prayers and offering service to each other. The spirit of Marian Mother’s Group is to promote happy and devotional families in our parish.  This forum provides the mothers a voice in our church community.  In essence, the Marian Mother’s Group contributes to all aspects of parish activities to support and strengthen its vision to grow as one worshiping community.


~ Objective ~

Promote spirituality and Christian faith among fellow women

Grow together in faith, sharing and love

Take a lead role in charity oriented work

Promote the importance of group worship and group thinking

Visit and console the sick and bedridden.

Participate actively in social activities of the church.